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I am half way between two wetsuit sizes. What should I do?

Assuming you are fairly close to race weight then the best thing to do is go of weight as the priority sizing guide and always size up. Please contact customer services.

I choose the correct size for my height and weight, so why is my wetsuit very tight when I try it on?

Wetsuits and very tight fitting when brand new and dry. Try swimming in your wetsuit a couple times and it should loosen off a little. Also make sure that the ends of the arms and legs sit 2" above the wrist and ankle to ensure the neoprene is not too stretched out. If you still feel it does not fit then refer to our returns page and exchange for the next size up.

What is the inseam on the tri shorts? 

The inseam will vary depending on what size you select. Please contact our customer support team who will be able to tell you based on size and model.

What is the difference between the Vanquish and Aspire wetsuits?

Although the Vanquish and Aspire use the same quality of Yamamoto neoprene, the Vanquish has a Silk-Fit lining and Sensory Catch Panels on the forearm, whereas the Aspire does not. The Vanquish will also have slightly more shoulder flexibility as our flagship wetsuit.

Which buoyancy shorts are best for me?

The Premium Elite buoyancy shorts offer the most buoyancy and flexibility as the neoprene is our highest grade with tiny pockets that trap air. The Originals offer the same thickness of neoprene and are not Yamamoto neoprene, however they are a much lower price point. If you are just looking for medium buoyancy then the Next Step shorts are a great option.

Which wetsuit will keep me warm in cold water swims?

Our wetsuit technology is moving away from warm wetsuits, as ultimately these are thicker neoprene and far less flexible, which is a huge disadvantage. The perfect solution is to wear our thin neoprene vest under any of our wetsuits. This will provide extra warmth from the additional layer, but also the trapped air between layers gives further warmth and buoyancy. This solution does not compromise flexibility at all.

Does your apparel provide SPF protection?

All our apparel provides coverage, which may help protect against the suns harmful rays. However there is no SPF specific technology and sunscreen is always recommended.

Which goggles are best for me?

Our goggles come in a comprehensive range of sizes. The Vapour goggles are the largest, with the Attacks coming next. These are most commonly bought by men or ladies who are looking for a larger fit and great peripheral vision. The Apollos are very slightly smaller than the Attack and very popular with ladies due to the eye socket fit. All of the aforementioned are designed for open water, but also great pool goggles. The Volares and Vipers are the smallest fit and designed for speed in the pool, however many triathletes race with these in open water. The Volares, Vipers and Apollos are not Polarized.

My goggles fog up. Is there a solution?

Goggles fogging up is usually not caused by the goggles, it's caused by extreme differences in body temp, water temp, air temp and humidity. For example, if your body is very warm and the water very cold, then they may steam up. Never rub the inside of the goggles with your finger or a cloth as this will remove the anti fog coating and then they will steam up all the time. Anti fog solution is fairly toxic and can cause eye irritation, so we do not recommend this. Best solutions to reduce the chances of them steaming up are (a) mix some baby shampoo and water in a spray bottle 50/50 and spray this inside the goggles. Then rinse with water without touching the inside. Or (b) use the old fashioned spit and lick method, then rinse in with water. It actually works pretty well!