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Kids AquaHero Triathlon and Open Water Swimming Goggles


Based on our Attack Goggles, the kids AquaHero goggle is a super comfortable goggle designed with both pool and open water swimming in mind. The ultra-soft silicone gaskets in conjunction with the easy adjust silicone strap remove the age old problem of sore red rings around the eyes after a swim. The anti-fog treated, blue tint lenses provide crystal clear vision so that kids can enjoy the same performance and comfort as adults. The best kid's goggles on the planet.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-soft silicone gaskets.
  • Anti-Fog treated lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Curved Lenses.
  • Flexible soft silicone frame.
  • Easy adjust strap.
  • Blue tint lenses.
  • Based on our adult Attack Goggles.

Key Benefits:

  • Comfortably fits a wide variety of face shapes and sizes due to a flexible silicone frame, ultra-soft silicone gaskets and an easy adjust strap.
  • Outstanding peripheral vision from curved anti-fog lenses.

Key Features Include:

Ultra-soft silicone gaskets minimize pressure around the eyes keeping you comfortable during both open water and pool sessions.
Curved lenses give an excellent field of vision allowing you to carefully navigate your direction and spot any other swimmers.
Anti-Fog lens protection gives crystal clear vision preventing the need for mid swim clearing.
Blue tint lenses increase vision clarity in low light conditions.