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About Zone3

Zone3 exists to inspire athletes to achieve their goals. From first-timers to elite-level, from pool swimmers to open water adventurers and from sprint triathlon beginners to seasoned long course professionals.


You are our motivation.

Our belief of placing you at the center of all product creation and testing began with our founder James Lock in 2006. As an elite triathlete, he was always looking for ways to gain an advantage over the competition. This inspired him to research, refine and innovate new sports technologies that could give triathletes a competitive edge.

It is our reputation as a pioneer within the sports technology field and our constant innovation in product development that led USA Triathlon and US Masters Swimming to partner with us from 2020.

We are excited to become deeply involved with all levels of teams, clubs, athletes, events, and coaches in the USA. We aim not only to support them on an individual level but to also facilitate the growth of the sport we love by developing the grassroots level too.

Integral aspects of our mission include enhancing the performance of the USA Triathlon team and helping US Masters Swimming in their own mission to expand the popularity of open water swimming, a field in which Zone3 has a market-leading expertise.


Our US History and Current Structure:  

Zone3 first starting trading in the US in 2013 after a spike in demand following the London Olympics. At this point, products were only available to a small number of dealers and all orders were being shipped from the UK. Despite the limited coverage, our products continued to get fantastic reviews by the US media including the Triathlete ‘BEST IN CLASS’ award for the Vanquish wetsuit and Volare goggles and the Aspire wetsuit being described as the most comfortable wetsuit ever tested.

Sales continued to grow each year and a local distributor was signed in 2017 to build a US website and hold stock in the US for a faster delivery service.

In 2020, Zone3 and the local distributor decided to part company so that we were able to invest further into the growth of the US market and offer the same first-class customer service which we’re known for globally. At this point Zone3 had become the number one selling brand in Europe and no other brands in the US had the breadth of range which Zone3 has available so it felt like perfect timing. A number of major partnerships followed such as USA Triathlon, U.S. Masters Swimming and event sponsorships such as Lifetime Chicago and New York.

Our commitment:

We are extremely committed to the US triathlon and swimming market and want to help all levels of athlete to improve their performance and enjoyment of the sport we love. Zone3’s philosophy since 2006 has been to support grass roots; this includes teams, clubs, athletes, events and coaches. This is the main reason why we have partnered with the USA Triathlon Federation and Master Swimming Federation. They share our same values and passion and together we can not only help individuals but also the sport as a whole.

USA Triathlon & US Masters Swimming Partnerships:

We are currently an official technical apparel partner of USA Triathlon and exclusive partner for Open Water Accessories, Swim Buoys, Swim & Racing Goggles (excluding smart goggle), Transition Packs & Bags, Swimwear and Swim Accessories.

We are extremely excited about this partnership because these categories have seen significant growth over the last two years and will help to cement our position as the leading triathlon and open water swimming brand in the world.

Our pedigree and passion is in the water so it felt right to support the US Master Swimming Federation and we see ourselves as the ‘Open Water Specialists’ in this area. COVID-19 resulted in a number of swimming pools being closed and more swimmers taking their training to open water. As experts in this area we plan to provide content and advice on moving your swimming from the pool to the great outdoors.